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Antique Fire Apparatus owned by the Northern Illinois Fire Museum


1923  Ahrens Fox Pumper
Model FM 2, 6 cylinder, 3 speed, right hand drive, mechanical brakes.
Capacity: 100 gallons of Water, 750 GPM pump

Original owner: St. Paul, Minnesota
Purchased from Midway Village, Rockford, IL 2004

Ed Thorn, who owned a hardware store on the west side of Rockford, IL, purchased this truck from the St. Paul Fire Department in the 1960's when it was declared surplus.  After Ed died the truck was donated to the Midway Village Museum in Rockford.  The Fox resided in a barn for the next 25 years, never on display.  The museum decided to sell the truck as it did not fit the time frame of their organization.  NIFM purchased the Fox in 1999 and it is the official museum logo.
1890 Pirsch Ladder Wagon.

Original Owner: Huntley, Illinois

This was pulled by hand or by a light team of horses.  This vehicle carried ladders, pike poles, rope, buckets and lanterns.  It was restored by Chuck Ruth of Woodstock, Illinois and donated to the Museum in 2002.

1860 Remington circular pump, no tank.  GPM unknown.

Mfg: New York state

Original Owner:  Harvard, Illinois

Horse drawn.  Horses walked in a circle to create the pumping action while at the scene.  Donated to NIFM by Harvard FPD.

1856 Hunneman Mfg: Boston Mass.  40 gal tank.

Original Owner: Freeport, Illinois, later traded to Harvard Illinois.

This is a horse/hand drawn vehicle that is hand pumped.  The side rails are moved from the framework to the ends of the pumper.  Using a team of volunteers, the "arms" are moved up and down to pump the water.  Donated to NIFM by Harvard.

1909 Chemical Cart Boyer pump.  Tank capacity & GPM unknown.

Original and only owner:  Shabbona, Illinois

This can be a horse or hand drawn vehicle.  Chemicals were added at the fire scene, one type to each tank.  There are original bottles of chemicals in the storage cabinet at the front of the unit.

1958 Seagrave open cab Pumper,  V12 dual ignition, 5 speed, 500 gal tank, 750 GPM pump.
Original owner: Mundelein, IL

This originally was in service at Mundelien Illinois until 1989.   It sat outside in the yard of its next owner, a Father Cull, for several years and then was purchased by Al Mini who had it restored and repainted by Jim and Kevin Carew, Museum members.  Mr. Mini donated it to the Museum in 2001.
1949 American LaFrance Pumper (Dave Gitchell truck), V-12 dual ignition, 4 speed, 750 gal tank, 1250 GPM pump.  Has original ALF bell.
Original owner: Goodman, Missouri (see plaque above pump)

This was originally in service in Missouri and later was purchased by the late David Gitchell, who was a founding member of the Museum.  It was donated to the Museum after his death by his widow, Judy Gitchell.
1949 White Chevy 6400 Pumper, 6 cylinder, 3 speed Central body, 250 gal tank, 500 GPM Waterous pump, St, Louis, MO

This vehicle came from a South Illinois airport.

Unit engine and transmission have undergone repairs and updates in 2004 and 2005.  Vehicle is solid, just needs a few things to make it complete.  Originally green in color, now white.  Federal siren and light, 15" running board mounted searchlight.  Motorola Twin V radio w/remote head, mic & speaker.

1949 Chevy Pumper
1939 GMC Pumper, 6 cylinder, 3 speed, 250 gal tank, Peter Pirsch Body, 500 GPM Hale pump.

This vehicle came from Shabbona Illinois

Unit was purchased new by the Shabbona Fire Department.  It has been in their department continuously since then.  Has tank and pump, working lights and siren.  Donation to NIFM was made possible by the efforts of retired Marengo fire chief Ross Kitchen


1966 American LaFrance 85'  Aerial Truck, 6 cylinder, dual ignition, 4 speed, 750 gal tank, 1500 GPM pump.

This vehicle was originally delivered to Sterling Illinois

Unit was in service until 2002

NIFM purchased this vehicle spring of 2005.

1966 American LaFrance Aerial
1947 International KB-8 Pumper, 6 cyl, 5 speed, dual speed rear end, 250 gal tank, Central body, 500 GPM Waterous  pump - St. Louis, Mo
Original owner: Round Lake, IL

This vehicle was originally delivered to Round Lake Fire Department.  It was then purchased and restored by Skokie Valley Asphalt (which was acquired by Curran Contracting).  The vehicle was originally painted white.


1963 Seagrave V-12 w/dual ignition, 5 speed, 750 gal tank, 1000 GPM pump.
Original owner: Waukegan, IL

Vehicle served the city of Waukegan until the 1980's.  Donated by a Chicago group of firefighters to NIFM.  The vehicle was originally an open cab.  The conversion roof was built in the Waukegan FD shops in the late 1970's.  They modified a total of 4 Seagrave vehicles with the same type of fiberglass roof.  This will probably remain a parts vehicle.

1930 Model AA Ford Parade vehicle, 4 cylinder, 3 speed, 250 GPM ALF Foamite chemical pump.

Original owner:  Harvard, Illinois

School bell on front

Donated to NIFM by Harvard FPD

1983 Pirsch-Ford L-9000, 750 GPM Pumper, Detroit Diesel

Original Owner:  Milwaukee Wisconsin

Water tank will be removed and used in the museum as a training/teaching device.  Future trailer tow vehicle.

1946 Ford F6, Automatic Transmission, Flathead V-8, 500 GPM pump, 250 gal tank, Vehicle has 12,500 miles on it

Purchased new by the City of Wood Dale, IL.  Donated to NIFM by the Wood Dale Firemen's Association, May 2007.

1953 GMC Pumper
Vehicle has less than 10,000 total miles.

Decommissioned in the early 1980's from Jo Daviess County.  Owned by former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Denny Hastert, and used for parades by him.  Purchased by Jim Oberweis and also used by him for parades.  Vehicle was repainted 15 years ago.  Pumping mechanism is original, siren and red lights fully operational.  New muffler and brakes installed.
1953 Hastert Pumper
1948 Chevrolet

Further information about this vehicle will follow soon.
1948 Chevrolet








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